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Will anyone watch? (or see)

Posted on: February 16, 2011 10:15 pm

As Daytona rolls up, all I can do is wonder. Is change bad? Seems like they change more every year. Did I just not notice these changes 10 or 15 years ago? I can remember changes on pit road. I can remember changes in aerodynamics on the car, like changing the nose shapes. Were these major changes in Nascar that I just overlooked in previous years? The C.O.T., splitters, wings or spoilers, point system, the Chase, the yellow line. Do I just notice these things more now? Did I overlook things in the past? Were their ramifications after the biggest scrap in the history of Nascar? What did the Allison brothers change other than the popularity when the fight with Cale broke out? Did I not notice all the car standards in the 90's after years of people getting by using cars with illegal modifications? (aka buckshot released on the track)

Maybe I didn't notice then. Maybe the media (tv & internet) covers more now. Maybe the new management is just changing more. So on Sunday, what will people watch, what will people see, and what will people absorb? What ever it is, maybe someone will have read this blog, and let me know.

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